CIP Strategic Plan Resources

The resources below have been provided to assist BPCTs and other stakeholders when setting and implementing interventions to further CIP's state-wide strategic plan. 

These resources come from a number of state and national organizations dedicated to child welfare systemic reform and improvement. Links to these organizations and others can be found HERE.


DANSR Principles

Dependency and Neglect System Reform (DANSR) is an approach to managing cases, specifically high-risk cases involving substance use. The approach involves a set of 6 Principles.

  1. Engage families immediately and universally identify substance use and other needs.
  2. Families complete substance use and other assessments and begin treatment as soon as possible once needs are identified.
  3. Enhance communication, collaboration, engagement, and integration of treatment information into the management of the case through the use of multi-disciplinary team staffing.
  4. Provide timely judicial support and oversight to meet the individual needs of each family.
  5. Enhance data collection and information sharing across the court, child welfare, and treatment.
  6. State and local teams coordinate strategy at the systems level and participate in collaborative training

DANSR Implementation Guide 

DANSR Quick Sheet