Resources for Judicial Officers

CIP is committed to providing training and resources for D&N judges to assist them in embracing best practices in the courtroom, providing leadership for Best Practice Court Teams, and guiding D&N practice across the state. 

In addition to the resources provided here, please see the webinars and trainings and strategic plan resources pages for additional opportunities and resources, including the Judicial Academy on Reasonable Efforts.


Communities of Practice for D&N Judicial Officers

The Judicial Community of Practice series aims to bring D&N judicial officers together in working sessions where judicial officers can explore court improvement and practice improvement themes, share successes, and support others. Sessions will be guided by a rotation of  topics and guest speakers on occasion. Here is what you need to know:   

There will be monthly working sessions, 60 minutes each, and these sessions will:  

  1. Enable you to work with your peers and subject matter experts to identify court improvement strategies 

  1. Develop ways that you can support or implement these strategies to improve outcomes in your counties and;   

  1. Provide you with an opportunity to access additional one-on-one tailored support.   

These sessions are optional and serve as a tool to support your work, share your successes with others and discover areas for enhancements with your peers. You can also seek individual, county level support should you find that more helpful.  Contact Megan Kearsley for a calendar invite with the webex room information.

Dates (all CoPs are held from 12-1 MST):

Friday June 9, 2023; 12-1pm  

Monday July 10, 2023; 12-1pm 

Tuesday August 15, 2023; 12-1pm  

Wednesday September 20, 2023; 12-1pm 



Colorado Judicial Education

The mission of Colorado Judicial Education is to promote the highest standard of performance for Colorado Judicial Officers.

Colorado Judicial Education (CJE) strives to provide judicial officers with the right level of support, at the right level of complexity, at a specific moment of need. To meet the needs of a diverse judiciary, CJE blends traditional training, such as courses, programs, and presentations, with performance support resources, including bench books, job aids, and interactive online research tools. CJE strives to assist all judicial officers with the application of best practices, practically and ethically, by providing instructional experiences that make the acquisition of information, knowledge, and skill more efficient and effective.

To meet its mission, CJE focuses on programming, funding, and capacity. This includes identifying programs and services that are most relevant to Colorado judicial officers, then distributing the information in the most efficient and effective ways possible given Colorado’s geographic diversity and technological capabilities. CJE strives to establish stable funding sources to allow judicial officers to attend all qualifying judicial education programs necessary to meet the needs of their courtroom and the community.

For more information, contact David Quirova at david.quirova@judicial.state.co.us or visit https://judicialwellbeing.colorado.gov/.


Colorado Juvenile Judges Institute (CJJI)

The Colorado Juvenile Judicial Institute was created with this purpose:

To provide a space for judicial officers to discuss juvenile case issues, develop relationships, and create an interactive network of support. The institute promotes leadership, excellence and the use of best practices via a focus on current national standards, research and evidence-based practices to facilitate innovative practice in the child welfare and juvenile case fields.

CJJI 2023 will host 35 judicial officers from across the state at the Jefferson County Courthouse on October 26th and 27th. This year will focus on reasonable efforts with the CIP partnering with the Capacity Building Center for Courts to bring the Judicial Academy on Reasonable Efforts to Colorado.