Best Practice Court Teams

Best Practice Court Teams are multi-disciplinary teams created by Lead Dependency and Neglect judges at the district court level. All twenty-two judicial districts support BPC Teams and some districts have more than one team. Team goals vary depending upon local need, but it is the charge of each BPC Team to set goals that can realistically be implemented to effect system change.

Membership of BPC Teams include local child welfare representatives, guardians ad litem, counsel for youth, respondent parents’ counsel, county attorneys, parents with lived experience, family court facilitators; court clerks (Super-users) education representatives, service providers, foster parents, faith based organizations, and other stakeholders who are involved in the child welfare system. Membership on a BPC Team is by invitation of the Lead Dependency and Neglect Judge and persons who are interested in becoming a member of a local BPC Team should contact the Lead D&N Judge.